Visit Manchester University!

    Visiting our beautiful campus is the best way to picture yourself as a SPARTAN. Plus, you can earn $2,000 toward your tuition!*

    Check out the options below to find the right visit experience for you! Click the photos or links below to be taken to the RSVP page for each event. Interested in virtual visit options, CLICK HERE.

    Are you a high school administrator or community organizer wanting to bring a group to campus, CLICK HERE.

    Photo Consent Release
    By registering for a visit or event, you give Manchester University permission to capture and use photographs and/or videos of you for promotional, advertising, and marketing purposes. This might include, but is not limited to, use in print, online, and social media.

    You can opt out of specific photo sessions but recognize that in public or group settings, this may not be possible. You waive any rights to approve the final use of these images or to receive compensation related to their use.

    Earn $2000 toward your tuition!*

    Visit campus during the spring semester of your junior year or anytime during your senior year to earn an extra $2000 ($500/year x 4 years) scholarship! That’s in addition to the generous aid you’ll already get from Manchester scholarships, and it applies for all four years of your undergraduate college career! This visit scholarship is only awarded after an on-campus weekday, Saturday, or special event visit where you spend time with Admissions and take a campus tour – the scholarship is NOT awarded for virtual visits.


    Please contact the Admissions Office  |  800-852-3648

    Discover What It Means To Be A Spartan